Animal welfare during transport

27 June 2012
Emer Costello (S&D)

What is the nature of and the current situation with regard to the Commission’s infringement proceedings against Ireland in relation to animal welfare during transport (Commission infringement procedure No 2011/4013

14 August 2012
Answer given by Mr Dalli on behalf of the Commission

The infringement procedure referred to (Ref.: 2011/4013) concerns the regular transport of unweaned calves from Rosslare (Ireland) via Cherbourg (France) to other Member States. The Commission initially addressed a letter of formal notice to the Irish authorities on the alleged failure to enforce Regulation (EC) N° 1/2005(1) on journey times and resting periods (Annex I, Chapter V of the regulation). The reply of the Irish authorities, however, revealed that the matter cannot be adequately addressed without involving the French authorities. As a result, a letter of formal notice concerning control and provision of resting posts has recently been sent to France (Ref.: 2012/2096). Once the answer from France is received, the Commission will consider possible further steps.

(1) Council Regulation (EC) No 1/2005 of 22 December 2004 on the protection of animals during transport and related operations and amending Directives 64/432/EEC and 93/119/EC and Regulation (EC) No 1255/97, OJ L 3, 5/01/2005, p. 1.