Training of zoo staff

19 September 2012


Auke Zijlstra (NI)



I should like to thank Mr Dalli for his answers of 3 September 2012 to questions which I had tabled.

On three occasions I have asked the Commission questions about its involvement with zoos. In his answer to my first question (E‑003602/2012), Mr Potočnik stated on behalf of the Commission that the Commission was ‘engaged in training for government officials and relevant practitioners, particularly veterinarians and managers of Zoological gardens as well as members of non-governmental organisations operating in the field.’ Mr Potočnik did not respond to my question as to how the Commission was engaged in it (E‑005707/2012).

When I repeated my question, ‘How is the Commission engaged in the training of people working for or at zoos?’ the Commission, this time represented by Mr Dalli, replied (E‑007202/2012). In his answer, Mr Dalli indicates that the Commission ‘is only engaged in the training of veterinarians working in different types of facilities (including zoos).’

I cannot reconcile these answers. Either the Commission is ‘involved in the training of innumerable practitioners working with zoos’ or the Commission is only engaged in the training of veterinarians ‘working’ inter alia in ‘zoos’.

1. How can I reconcile these two contradictory answers given by the Commission?

2. Which of the Commission’s answers is true?

3. Does this mean that the Commission’s other answer is not true?

4. If the answer to question 3 is affirmative, what does the Commission see as the consequences of its having given a Member of the European Parliament inaccurate information?


Answer given by Mr Šefčovič on behalf of the Commission

27 November 2012

Both answers to Parliamentary Questions E‐005707/2012 and E-007202/2012(1) are correct. The Commission is engaged in the animal-welfare training of veterinary practitioners working in different types of facilitiesincluding in zoos.