Farmed butterfly pupae

21 September 2012    
Chris Davies (ALDE)


Butterfly exhibits in zoos, museums and elsewhere rely on weekly imports of farmed tropical pupae to stock their displays. It is claimed that the export of such butterfly or moth pupae is a good example of sustainable development for rainforests.

Council Directive 91/496/EEC requires, for animal imports including all insect imports, that a common veterinary entry document (CVED) be issued. Does the Commission acknowledge that this requirement places a particularly, and perhaps uniquely, onerous burden on the importers and exporters of farmed tropical butterfly and moth pupae?

Will the Commission assess the case for ranched and farmed tropical butterfly and moth pupae being exempted from the current CVED requirements, or for special provisions to be introduced that address the particular nature of the trade?


Answer given by Mr Šefčovič on behalf of the Commission:

The Commission would refer the Honourable Member to its answer to written questions E-000154/2012, E-001494/2012 and E-004576/2010(1) which are equally relevant for the import of butterfly pupae.

(1) .