Pet passporting rules in the European Union


13 November 2012    

Gay Mitchell (PPE)


There remains an issue in the transport of animals by private persons across the Union. The Pet Passport Scheme was introduced as of 1 January 2012. The previous system, known as the Prior Approval Scheme, has been replaced by the Pet Passport Scheme. Since the Prior Approval Scheme was scrapped there are no direct carriers to Dublin willing to carry animals. The alternative is a lengthy and extremely costly indirect route. Is it possible for provisions to be made to allow for the direct transport of animals to such areas of the Union?

Answer given by Mr Borg on behalf of the Commission
16 January 2013   

According to the information made available to the public by the Irish competent authorities(1), any ferry company and the majority of airlines operating routes into Ireland from other Member States and certain non-EU European countries are approved to carry pet animals under the Irish transport approval system. This is in line with EU legislation. However, the Commission cannot comment on the decision made by those transport companies to operate direct flights to Dublin, for passengers travelling with or without pets.