ECHR: the Ban on paid political advertising for animal welfare in the UK is justified

Today, in the case law Animal Defenders International v.the United Kingdom (application no. 48876/08), the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) has stated that UK has not infringed Article 10 on freedom of speech where UK has denied the possibility to a UK Animal Welfare organisation (hereafter ADI) to advertise on TV or radio

Official Press Release: ECHR Website

Facts: The ADI is an animal welfare organisation who has not the statute of charity cause of its political goals. They wanted to make a TV, Radio and Internet campaign regarding kept of animals in circuses and zoos. The UK Broadcast Advertising Clearance Centre (BACC), refused to clear the advert, drawing attention to the political nature of ADI’s objectives, which as such prohibited the broadcasting of the advert under section 321(2) of the Communications Act 2003.

After several unsuccessful national complaints, ADI has complaint in front of the ECHR.

Decision: The European Court of Human Rights stated that there was no infringement to Article 10