Requirement for hunters to keep a record of the animals they kill

22 May 2013    

Sergio Berlato (PPE)

The Commission has ordered Italy to comply with the directives on the management of wild fauna, in particular with regard to the application of the derogations laid down in Article 9 of Directive 2009/147/EC.

In one of its warning letters, the Commission highlighted, among the other requirements laid down, the need to make hunters immediately record on their designated hunting cards the wild game they have killed, and not to allow this task to be completed at the end of the day’s hunting.
With this in mind, can the Commission say:
—     which EU countries require hunters to record on their designated hunting cards the migratory game they have killed immediately after killing those wild animals;
—     which countries impose this requirement at the end of the day’s hunting;
—     which countries, on the contrary, do not impose any such record-keeping requirement?

8 July 2013    
Answer given by Mr Potočnik on behalf of the Commission

In the Italian case referred to by the Honourable Member, the requirement to properly record the number of specimens immediately after their killing was considered by the Commission as a necessary, yet not sufficient, pre-condition to respect the strictly supervised conditions set by Article 9.1 c) of Directive 2009/147/EC(1) (‘Birds Directive’).

The Commission does not have sufficient information to be able to answer the questions on the specific record-keeping requirements established for the ordinary hunting activity in the different Member States. The Commission deals with such issues in specific cases when assessing the compliance of a derogation implemented by a Member State under the abovementioned Article 9.1 c).

(1)    OJ L 020, 26.1.2010.