Eggs from non-compliant countries illegally on the market

5 November 2013


James Nicholson (ECR)


Given the cost to egg producers across the EU of complying with the Council Directive 1999/74/EC and the prohibition of non-enriched cage systems since January 2012, is the Commission aware of the number of eggs from non-compliant countries that are illegally in the marketplace? Furthermore, what strategies does the Commission have in place to reduce these figures?


13 January 2014

Answer given by Mr Borg on behalf of the Commission

It is the Member States’ responsibility to ensure that no eggs from non-compliant holdings are placed on the market. There are no statistics pertaining to eggs from un-enriched cages produced in the EU, as they are now illegal. With regard to measures in place to reduce the number of eggs stemming from un-enriched cages, the Commission would refer the Honourable Member to its answers to previous written questions E-009822/2013 and E-004763/2013(1).