Commission's information on the situation with regard to Romania's dog kennels

25 November 2013    


Sirpa Pietikäinen (PPE)

Recently, Romania has been the subject of dubious publicity regarding its inhumane way of controlling its stray dog populations. The European Union does not have the legislative competence to do anything about the poor treatment of stray animals in Member States, but it does have the power to look into the use of EU funding.

Has the Commission investigated, or does it intend to investigate, whether or not EU funds are being used in Romania directly or indirectly to maintain kennels or control dog populations?

Is the Commission aware of the publicity campaign in which the Romanian authorities misleadingly advertise a stray dog adoption programme on roadside hoardings, with the intention, however, of finding and killing more dogs in this way?

The Mayor of Craiova has said that his city’s dog kennels comply with EU standards. Does the European Union have any legislation that would prescribe minimum requirements for the care of, and shelters for, stray animals?

Is the Commission aware of the sum involved in the EU’s financing of Romania’s ten-year rabies protection programme?

The minimum requirements for such programmes state that the programme must be effective enough to be eligible for EU aid. The number of rabies cases among the Romanian stray animal population has increased, and not decreased, in recent times. Does the Commission consider the rabies protection programme to be effective in the sense referred to in EU regulations?

24 January 2014


Answer given by Mr Borg on behalf of the Commission

The Honourable Member is invited to refer to the answers to written questions E‐006543/2011, E-007161/2011, E-002062/2012 and E-005276/2013(1) which address the issues of stray dogs and of dog population management.

The Commission has received a series of complaints about the welfare and management of stray dogs in Romania. In consequence a response has been published in the Official Journal(2).

For the control of rabies in Romania, the Union is co-funding the implementation of oral vaccination campaigns for wild foxes, the reservoir of the disease for all other species, including dogs. Country-wide oral vaccination only commenced in 2013, it is therefore premature to expect obvious effects on the disease prevalence at this stage.

EU competences do not allow the Commission to fund stray dogs control programs.

(2) OJ C 343, 23.11.2013, p. 23.