Commission to recover €318 million of CAP expenditure from the Member States, mainly from France


Today, the EU Commission announced that 318 Million of Euros will be claimed to the Member States. This monney was given by the EU to the Member States in the frame of the EU agricultural policy funds. Every year, the EU Commission is checking the way the money is used in the Member States and can ask for reimbursement in case of breach of the rules.

This year, the EU Commission estimated that some sountries do not comply with EU Rules on CAP fundings. The main concerned countries are Denmark, Germany, Greece, Spain, France, Italy, Portugal, Romania, Slovenia, Finland and UK. France alone will have to reimburse to the EU Commission about 290 million of euros for weaknesses related to the allocation of entitlements or for deficiencies in the Young farmer measure and in the control of the subsidised loans.