EU WRITTEN DECLARATION on the creation of a one-stop shop for animal welfare

WRITTEN DECLARATION on the creation of a one-stop shop for animal welfare
Registered on 27.05.2015 by Jacqueline FOSTER , Janusz WOJCIECHOWSKI , Anja HAZEKAMP , Marlene MIZZI , Jörg LEICHTFRIED , Pavel POC , Marit PAULSEN , Catherine BEARDER , Ivo VAJGL , Keith TAYLOR , Franc BOGOVIČ

Date opened : 27-05-2015 
Lapse date : 27-08-2015 

1.   Protecting and enhancing animal welfare is a fundamental mark of a civilised society, yet in too many Member States the issue is not given sufficient credence and existing standards are not achieved.

2.   This reflects a fragmented division of responsibilities, which is often confusing and opaque to those seeking information, advice and guidance on enforcement of agreed standards.

3.   This was confirmed by the Commission’s Impact Assessment of the European Union Strategy for the Protection and Welfare of Animals 2012-2015, which called for more effective enforcement and greater coherence of policy for all animal species, regardless of their circumstances or location.

4.   The Commission is hereby called upon to establish a one-stop shop to streamline animal welfare concerns under the existing directorates-general structure and to act as a single and central point of information and expertise.

5.   The Commission should also task the one-stop shop with responding quickly to information received from the public and interested parties in order to ensure that cases of non-compliance with requirements are directed to, and dealt with by, the appropriate Commission officials within seven days.

6.   This declaration, together with the names of the signatories, is forwarded to the Commission.

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