Northern Ireland: 49% of experiments on animals driven by curiosity of the university researchers

Green Party in Northern Ireland urged publicly-funded universities and medical schools in Northern Ireland to halt testing animals – especially when only 3% of experiments carried on them have been really required by regulators. As Cruelty Free International investigated – approximately 20 000 animal experiments have dubious scientific values for humans. Additionally, the number of laboratory tests on dogs was dramatically increased by up 113%.  Moreover, Steven Agnew from Green Party in Northern Ireland urged the universities to invest in alternative testing instead of animal one. The official statement of the spokesperson of Queen’s University was “Queen’s conduct research on animals only when it is absolutely essential for clinical, biomedical and environmental studies and where there are no alternatives”. Unfortunately, a dilemma of suffering animals is still remaining unsolved. However, the European Citizen Initiative (ECI) unveiled a negative sentiment of Europeans regarding animal testing. The ECI clearly stated that Europeans want policy makers to phase out animal testing. In Northern Ireland in 2014 and 2015 about 1 000 animals are intentionally subjected to experiments estimated as causing severe suffering and next 5 513 animals to moderate suffering.

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