Second Eurobarometer on Animal Welfare


FOUR PAWS urges the Commission to listen to the European citizens concerns on Animal Welfare

A new Eurobarometer[1] on the Attitudes of EU citizens towards Animal Welfare (Eurobarometer 442) has been published by the EU Commission. This is the second special EU survey on this matter of particular importance for the European citizens since March 2007. The main goal of the Eurobarometer is to assess among European citizens how much Animal Welfare matters in their daily life. 

The last Eurobarometer revealed that the Europeans take care of animal welfare, and for instance – a majority of the respondents was willing to change their shopping habits in order to make more animal welfare-friendly purchases. The outcomes of the current Eurobarometer proved that the Europeans are even more eager to buy animal welfare friendly-products. According to the Eurobarometer, more 59% of EU citizens mentioned they would be prepared to pay more. But the Eurobarometer also reveals that 47% of respondents consider that the choice of animal welfare friendly food products in shops and supermarkets is currently not sufficient.

Moreover, for the first time, the Eurobarometer also addressed the question of companion animal welfare and more than 74% of respondents believe the welfare of companion animals should be better protected than it is now.

“We appreciate that European citizens are showing a great concern for implementing better animal welfare standards and pushing the EU Commission to take the concrete actions so that animals could have a better living standards and better legal protection. It is now time for Mr. Juncker and Mr. Timmermans to bring the Commission closer to the citizens, as this was part of their commitments towards the EU. This could start as an example with the creation of an EU wide Animal Welfare labelling”, said Pierre Sultana, Director of the European Policy Office of VIER PFOTEN/ FOUR PAWS.

In order to help consumers to make an animal welfare choice, VIER PFOTEN/ FOUR PAWS has launched its own voluntary animal welfare label called “Tierschutz-kontrolliert Gütesiegel” delivered to products to which good animal welfare standards have been applied during breeding, transport and slaughter.




[1] The Eurobarometer is a special survey on the vital EU issue conducted by the DG Communication among European respondents in order to assess the EU sentiment regarding the raising problem in Europe.                       The Eurobarometer is published by the European Commission.