16.03.2017: Breakthrough for the Animal welfare party (PvdD) of Marianne Thieme at Dutch national elections

It is a notable breakthrough for the Animal welfare party of Marianne Thieme (‘PartijvdDieren, PvdD) who gets 5 seats instead of 2 during the previous election.

Prime Minister Mark Ruttes’ center-right VVD party wins elections with 33 of parliament’s seats out of 150. It is Mr Rutters third successive term as a Prime minister. In second place follows Mr Geert Wilders Freedom Party (PVV) with 20 seats, while the Christian Democrats (CDA) and the Liberal D66 party close behind with 19 seats each. The GreenLeft wing party led by Jesse Klaver, has shown a breakthrough, 16 seats against 4 in 2012.
The participation rate compared to previous elections shows that the Dutch have voted in large numbers, as the participation rate was 82 %, one of the highest rates over the last thirty years.

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