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  Is there a specific structure in the Parliament related to animal welfare? Is there a specific structure in the government related to animal welfare?

Is there an Ombudsman

or a Commissioner dedicated

to animal welfare issues? 

What is/are the ministry/ies responsible of animal welfare topics? Is there a specific Police for animal welfare issues? Is there a dedicated cursus/ place to study animal welfare law? Is there a Political Party dedicated to animal welfare?
Austria TierschutzSprecher (Animal Welfare Spokemen) 3 bodies One Ombudsman by Länder Federal Ministry of Health & Federal Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry, Environment and Water Management NO NO NO
Belgium NO 1 commitee by Region NO Wallonia (Ministry of Health), Flanders (Dptmt of Environment, Nature and Energy), Brussel-capitale (the Institute « Bruxelles environnement ») Animal inspectors at the regional level with diverse level of responsabilities NO YES
Bulgaria NO NO NO Animal Health and Welfare Directorate, Bulgarian Food Safety Agency & Animal Health and Food Safety Directorate, Ministry of Agriculture and Food supply YES (since 2016) NO NO
Croatia NO Animal Protection Commission NO Minister of Agriculture, Natural Resources and Environment NO NO NO
Cyprus        Animal Health and Welfare Division, Ministry of Agriculture, Rural Developement and Environment NO NO


Animal Party Cyprus

Czech Republic       Animal Welfare Unit, Ministry of Agriculture NO NO NO
Denmark   Danish Centre for Animal Welfare (DCAW) + 3 Animal Welfare councils (the Animal Welfare Council, the Ethical Council for Animals, the Council concerning the Keeping of certain Animal)   The Danish Veterinary and Food Administration, Minister of Environment and Food NO NO FOKUS (founded in 2010)
Estonia        The Veterinary and Food Board, Ministry of Agriculture NO NO NO
Finland       Animal and Plant Health, Food Department, Minister of Agriculture and Forestry Animal protection supervisor appointed by the State Provincial Office NO

The Animal Justice Party of Finland (founded in 2015)


France       Department of animal health and welfare, Ministry of Agriculture, Agrifood, and Forestry   Strasbourg (Master in Animal: science, law and ethics), Limoges (Universitary Diploma on Equine Law,) Brive (Universitary Diploma on animal welfare)
Rennes (Animal and Human Ethology)

YES since 2016, Le Parti Animaliste

Moreover, the "animal welfare" tendancy of political party is evaluated by

Germany Animal Welfare Spokespersons / Tierschutzpolitische Sprecher nominated by each political group Tierschutz Kommission

9 Animal Welfare Commissioners

(Hesse, Berlin, Baden-Würtenberg, Saarland, Brandenburg, 


Sachsen-Anhalt, Schleswig-Holstein)

Food safety, animal health Department, Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture   NO


Partei Mensch Umwelt Tierschutz

Greece       Directorate of Animal Health,  Ministry of Rural Development and Food   NO NO
Hungary   the Animal Defense Authority   Ministry of Agriculture   NO NO
Ireland       Animal Health and Welfare Division, Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine   NO NO
Italy   Office VI of the Ministry of Health   Directorate General for Animal Health and veterinary medicines, 
Ministry of Health
The Corpo Forestale dello Stato (National Forestry Department + since 2001 special unit for food safety for controlling
of live animals) + Polizia Provinciale (in some province only)


Partito Animalista Italiano

The Partito Animalista Europeo

Party EcoAnimalista 

Latvia       Food and veterinary service, Ministry of Agriculture NO NO NO
Lithuania       Animal Health and Welfare Department of State Food and Veterinary
Luxembourg       Ministry of Agriculture and Ministry of Health NO NO NO
Malta     Animal Welfare Commissioner (since 2014) Ministry for Sustainable Development, Environment and Climate Change NO NO NO
The Netherlands Vaste commissie voor LNV (group of dedicated and expert members of Parliament who debate animal issues – for or against animal welfare, as the case might be – they represent all parties) Raad voor Dierenaangelegenheden (RDA, Council for Animal Affairs)   Netherlands Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority Dierenpolitie NO


Partij Voor Dieren

Poland       General Veterinary Inspectorate, Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Developement NO Warsaw SGGW-
Postgraduate course on Animal Welfare
Portugal       Department for Animal Protection, the Portuguese National Authority for Animal Health NO NO


PAN Partido pelos Animais e pela Natureza

Romania       National Sanitary and Food Safety Authority NO NO NO
Slovakia       State Veterinary and Food Administration NO NO NO
Slovenia   The Expert Council for Protection of Animals   Ministry of Agriculture and the Environment NO NO NO
Spain       Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Environment NO BARCELONA, Máster en Derecho Animal y Sociedad ( Master in Animal Law and Society)


Partido Animalista PACMA

Sweden       Department for Animal Welfare and Health, Swedish Board of Agriculture Only in Stockholm, under the County Administrative Board of Stockholm NO


Djurens Parti

United Kingdom       Animal and Plant Health Agency NO

Scoltland Edinburgh, MSc International Animal Welfare, Ethics and Law
Scotland Edinburgh, Applied Animal Behaviour and Animal Welfare
Northern Ireland Belfast, MSc Animal Behaviour and Welfare
UK LincolnPhD Animal Behaviour and Welfare


The Animal Welfare Party