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Publication related to the legislation

Pet Welfare Legislation in Belgium

< class=''>Eric Van Tilburgh, Animal Welfare division, 2013 http://ec.europa.eu/dgs/health_food-safety/information_sources/docs/28102013-10-eric_van_tilburgh_en.pdf


Enforcement tools

In 2014, Animal welfare moved from the federal level to the regional level (3 regions in Belgium). 

But CITES’ enforcement stays in the competence of the federal government except for exotic pets topics (regions can create a specific licence for being allowed to keep exotic pets). 

For Farm Animals issue, there is a collaboration with the Federal agency for food safety.


Animal Welfare Police

In Belgium there is no Animal Welfare Police as such, but an inspection system in each region.

In Wallonia

In Flanders

In Brussel-capitale

•An Animal Welfare Unit belonging to the Police and Control Dptmt of the regional government has been established

•Linked with an online complaint form

•Inspections only in cases of licencing a breeder or following a complaint

•Animal welfare has been delegated to the Institute « Bruxelles environnement »

•Linked with an online complaint form

•Inspections in broader cases, and also including licencing a breeder or following a complaint

•The Department of Environment, Nature and Energy of the Flemish government is now in charge of animal welfare

•Linked with an online complaint form

•No specific animal police but animal welfare was setted up as a priority for the regular police services + prosecutors