Publication related to the Hungarian legislation

Legal Regulation of Animal Experiments By László Visnyei

< class=''>Csaba Csintalan Szent-István University (SZIE) Veterinary Medicine Faculty (ÁOTK) Budapest Summary The authors summarise the Hungarian legislation relating to animal experiments: The rules of the amended animal welfare act and the conditions relating to carrying out experiments to breeding and transporting experimental animals, to Animal Welfare Advisory Committee and sanctions. They present the definition, aim…

The Regulation of Animal Protection in Hungary by ZOLTÁN, TÓTH J.

< class=''>Károli Gáspár University, Budapest, Hungary Abstract: In Hungary, the first Act on Animal Protection, which aimed at handling and respecting animals as living creatures capable of feelings and suffering and thus deserving and entitled to protection, was adopted in 1998. Based on this, the Act contains several regulations which ensure that animals are protected against…


Enforcement tools

Ministry in charge of animal welfare

Ministry of Rural Development


Animal Welfare Committee in the Government

The Animal Defense Authority (appointed by the government decree 334/2006. (XII. 23.))