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Enforcement tools

Animal Welfare Comittee in the Government

Raad voor Dierenaangelegenheden (RDA, Council for Animal Affairs)

Function:: The RDA is a board of experts advising the Minister of LNV on animal welfare and animal health issues. 

NoteRecently ethical issues were repeatedly addressed, at the request of the minister – if the Ministry of LNV is discontinued and ‘merged’ with the Ministry for Economic Affairs, ethical issues might well disappear from the agenda again



Structural element in the Parliament on animal welfare issues

Vaste commissie voor LNV (group of dedicated and expert members of Parliament who debate animal issues – for or against animal welfare, as the case might be – they represent all parties)


Animal Welfare Police

The Dierenpolitie was established in 2011 by the Security and Justice minister Ivo Opstelten.

•Competence officialy for animal cruelty and the killing of animals; animal neglect; bestiality; animal pornography; poaching; animal fights. BUT in practice: no competence for farm animals / main competence for pets

•500 officers expected for end of the year (125 officers currently)

•Linked with a dedidated hotline (144) to report animal abuse

•Animal Police officers receive an extra 4-month training on animal  related legislation and procedures, but also   on how to recognise suffering in animals

To learn more about this special police, please consult  http://www.government.nl/issues/police/animal-police-officers


Animal Welfare Political party

PvdD_logo2Partij Voor De Dieren