In-Force legislation


Commission Regulation (EC) No 504/2008 of 6 June 2008 implementing Council Directives 90/426/EEC and 90/427/EEC as regards methods for the identification of equidae


Movement (health and zootechnical conditions)

Council Directive 90/426/EEC of 26 June 1990 on animal health conditions governing the movement and import from third countries of equidae

Council Directive 90/427/EEC  on the zootechnical and genealogical conditions governing intra-Community trade in equidae


Equidae Passport

Commission Decision 93/623/EEC of 20 October 1993 establishing the identification document (passport) accompanying registered equidae amended by Commission Decision 2000/68/EEC of 22 December 1999 amending Commission Decision 93/623/EEC and establishing the identification of equidae for breeding and production