Minimum Standards for the Protection of Farm Rabbits

 After receiving the report of the Rapporteur Stefan Eck on the minimum standards for the protection of farm rabbits, the European Parliament’s Committee on Agriculture and Rural Development (AGRI) discussed recommendations for the adoption of the new EU legislation.

"Most rabbits kept for meat consumption are held in so-called 'battery cages'. The small space provided per rabbit makes it impossible for the animals to satisfy their species-specific needs. Moreover, due to the lack of stimulus, behavioral disorders often appear such as stereotyped movements, self-mutilation and even cannibalism. Loud noise that results from the stereotyped jumping of rabbits in their cages is an additional disturbance, as rabbits are inherently noise-sensitive animals."

The initiative is ment to encourage the European Commission to present an ambitious draft legislative proposal on animal welfare in rabbit farming aiming to close the existing lopholes and taking on board the recommendation of the European Parliament

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15.03.2016 Seminar on Animal Welfare "2016-2020 Delivering results"


When: 15.03.2016 from 9:00 to 11:30

Where: EU Parliament + livestream (

Organiser: The Seminar will be hosted by Eurogroup for Animals under the patronage of Janusz Wojciechowski MEP, President of the EP Intergroup for Animal Welfare and Conservation of Animals

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France: More possibilities to learn Animal Welfare law


Since the official recognition of animals as sentient beings in the revision of the French Civil Law last January, Animals welfare seems to have reach a new level in France. Indeed, for the very first time, two French universities will offer to their students the possibility to graduate in animal welfare law. 

First, the European Center for Teaching and Ethical research of the University of Strasbourg is creating up from september 2015 a speciality cursus of the Master on Ethics and Society called "Animal: science, law and ethics". This Master will be mainly focus on animals in experiments and aims to gather scientists practicing vivisection, and animal defenders. More information on registration is available here:

Secondly, the University of Limoges, already well-known for publishing a biannual law journal on animal law (RSDA), is launching, in partnership with the French institute of Equine Law, a Universitary Diploma (DU) on Equine Law. This diploma is opened to any student having reached the level of 1 year after Bachelor and is taking place through 9 sessions of 2 days spread over 2 years. The diploma will cost 6000€ for both of the years. More information on registration is available here:


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Animal Welfare in Serbia: good laws but poor enforcement


Serbia has the best Animal Welfare legislation of the World. Unfortunately, more than 8 years after their adoption, these laws are not enforced at all, which result in practice in a lot of animal suffering. People even don't know how and to who to report cases of animal cruelty.


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An Animal Welfare Officer for Saarland (Germany)

On February 12th, the Veterinarian Dr. Hans-Friedrich Willimzik was elected by the State Parliament as the Animal Welfare Officer of Saarland. This was decided in Summer 2013 in combination with the establishment of a class action for animal welfare.  

Saarland is now the fourth German State having an Animal Welfare Officer.


California (USA): A constitutional plee against the Exotic Pet legislation

In California, the Zoological Association of America has introduced a lawsuit in front of the Constitutional Court in order to cancel the Exotic Pet legislation and consequently avoid state requirements for caging and humane care of captive wildlife. Several Animal Welfare organisation moved to intervene and defend the California law.

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