Catalonia bans use of wild animals in circuses

On Wednesday 22nd July, the Catalan parliament voted in favor of a legislation aiming to ban the use of wild animals in circuses and similar performance.

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This is a good news as wild animals are often kept in very poor conditions in circuses. Around the World, a lot of countries have already prohibited the keeping of wild animals in circuses, including 7 EU Countries. To raise the issue, FOUR PAWS organised in 2013 a conference "Wild animals in captivity" in collaboration with the Born Free Foundation (see:

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Wild Animals Enforcement Conference: Conclusions are now available

From 19-20 June 2013, VIER PFOTEN/FOUR PAWS together with the Born Free Foundation, FVE and ENDCAP hold the first conference on the protection of wild animals in captivity in the EU: "Wild animals in captivity – Animal welfare, law and enforcement".

The presentations of speakers are now available here, as well as the conclusions and recommendations.


EU Commission will develop a guidance to support the implementation of the Zoos Directive

Recently, EU Commission announced its intention to develop a guidance and best practice document to support the implementation of the EC Zoos Directive. Since its entry into force, the Zoo Directive has not been properly applied in all Member States, as denounced by the Born Free Foundation in its inquiry of 2011. Such a guidance could be a first step for better enforcement of the Zoo Directive.

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