China: a giant farm for cloning domestic animals including companion animals

Next year, at 150km from Bei Jing in China, a giant "cloning farm" will be created, aiming to clone domestic animals including farm animals such as cows, but also police dogs and race horses. The goal would be to produce more than 1 million of cloned cows, to solve the problem of lack of farmlands in China. 

Cloning is currently prohibited in Europe, but despite the EU Parliament willing to stop imports of food product coming from cloned animals, it is still allowed for Member States to import such products after getting an authorisation. But EU legislation might change soon.

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Cloning of farm animals: outcomes from EP first reading

Outcome of the European Parliament's first reading (7 to 10 September 2015)
Information Note From the General Secretariat of the Council to the Permanent Representatives Committee/Council on the Proposal for a Directive of the European Parliament and of the Council on
the cloning of animals of the bovine, porcine, ovine, caprine and equine species kept and reproduced for farming purposes

11 MEPs asked for the creation of a one-stop shop for animal welfare

MEPs Jacqueline FOSTER , Janusz WOJCIECHOWSKI , Anja HAZEKAMP , Marlene MIZZI , Jörg LEICHTFRIED , Pavel POC , Marit PAULSEN , Catherine BEARDER , Ivo VAJGL , Keith TAYLOR and Franc BOGOVIČ initiated a written declaration on the creation of a one-stop shop for animal welfare.  

Currently animal welfare is divided between DG SANTE (companion animals and farm animals) and DG ENVI (wild animals and animals in experiments). Moreover, inside DG SANTE, animal welfare related topics can be dealed by both the Animal Health unit or the animal welfare unit.  The declaration aims the creation of one point (a "one-stop shop) dealing with all animal welfare related topics, for all species.

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A first Animal Welfare Act for Lebanon ?

Lebanon animal welfare law one step closer to becoming a reality. The law started to be thought in 2009 and was firstly drafted in 2011, following public consultation. A final draft was presented in 2014. This week, the law was approved by the Cabinet of the Ministry of Agriculture. The next step would be the approval of the Bill by the Parliament in order to become a law.

The bill covers every species: farm animals, stray cats and dogs, wild animals, slaughter etc.

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Written questions May – December 2014 (Newsletter 24)

Written Questions of MEPs to the EU Commission

Newsletter n°24

Welfare of animals – E-007497/2014           

Animal welfare achievements – E-007010/2014

Animal welfare in Bosnia – E-001278/2014

Animal welfare – E-002093/2014


Wild Animals

In wildlife

Return of whale-hunting in Japan – E-009239/2014

Wildlife: species at risk of extinction – E-009233/2014

Sea of blood in Denmark – E-006600/2014

Slaughter of dolphins by Japan and the Faroe Islands – P-006608/2014

Mass killing of badgers in the UK – E-006041/2014

VP/HR – Lion welfare in South Africa – E-003309/2014

Killing of dolphins in the Faroe Islands – E-002160/2014

Protection of dolphins and small cetaceans from hunting – E-003076/2014         

Protection of African elephants – E-002921/2014


In captivity

Zoo management and the proposed animal framework legislation – E-002124/2014

Level of compliance with EU legislation on conservation of fauna in zoos and aquariums – E-002709/2014      

Tania the elephant at Târgu Mureș zoo in Romania – E-003650/2014

Animal welfare in Copenhagen zoo – E-003775/2014

Dolphinaria in the EU – E-002914/2014

Animal welfare and dolphinariums – E-003361/2014

Use of animals in circuses – E-002711/2014

Euthanasia in European zoos – E-002454/2014

Directive 1999/22/EC on the keeping of wild animals in zoos – E-002895/2014

Use of wild animals in travelling circuses in Member States – E-000477/2014



Exotic animals in the EU – E-001442/2014

Wildlife trafficking – E-005053/2014

Illegal wildlife trade – E-005602/2014

On-line trade in ivory – E-005640/2014

Dolphins imported into the European Union and used for commercial purposes – E-003989/2014         



Farm Animals


Welfare of veal calves – E-005715/2014


Eggs from battery cages on the European market – E-008657/2014

Unfair egg trade – E-007576/2014



Welfare of farmed rabbits – E-008890/2014

Origin labelling for rabbit meat – E-006665/2014



Ritual slaughter and animal suffering – E-009185/2014

Slaughter of sheep to mark an Islamic religious festival – E-007723/2014

Slaughterhouse closures – P-003235/2014



Pig sector in Ireland – E-008266/2014

Pigs Directive 2008/120/EC – P-003469/2014



Bison farming – E-008006/2014



Welfare of farm animals exported to third countries – E—004181/2014



Traceability of horses in Europe – E-006516/2014

Non-identification of horses in Galicia – E-004462/2014

Racehorses and slaughter – E-002817/2014          


Companion Animals



Stray dogs in Romania – E-004968/2014

Stray dogs in Romania – E-006602/2014

Dog management in Romania – E-002633/2014

Dealing with stray dogs in Romania – P-004001/2014

Looting of refuges for stray dogs in Romania – E-003699/2014

Violent action still against stray dogs – E-004861/2014

Rabies programme in Romania – E-001404/2014

Suffering stray dogs in Romania exploited for profit – E-003212/2014

Impact of the movement of animals for adoption – E-003087/2014



Slaughtering of greyhounds in Europe – E-008341/2014

Animal abuse – Spanish greyhounds – E-007045/2014

Silent slaughter of greyhounds in Europe – E-004661/2014



Trade in huskies – E-005266/2014

Ill-treatment of dogs in Italy – E-002500/2014

Killing of stray dogs in Macedonia – E-002498/2014

Puppy farming trade – E-007896/2014




Travelling with pets – E-007637/2014           

Animals in planes – E-005042/2014



Facebook groups and hatred towards animals – E-002951/2014


Specific issues

Animals in Experiments

Use of primates in research – E-007668/2014

Preclinical animal research – E-006155/2014

Legal status of experiments on primates – E-003477/2014

Complaint by GAIA – E-004628/2014



Bullfighting subsidies – E-007990/2014

Allocation of EU funds for bulls in Spain – E-007018/2014


Animal Health

Meeting between representatives of the WHO and the EU – E-003463/2014

Animal health regulation – E-007156/2014



TTIP and farm animal welfare – E-006208/2014