France: After the Senate denied sensibility to animals, the National Assemblee reaffirmed it

On January 22nd, the Senate has rejected an amendment to the French Civil Code, introduced by the National Assemblee aiming to recognize that animals are sentient beings. 

In the French Rural Code, kept domestic animals are already recognised as sentient beings, and the Criminal Code penalized animal mistreatments. But the Civil Code still considered animals as goods. Following a massive ask of the citizens and also of 24 French intellectuals (see more), an amendment was introduced last year by the MP Glavany in order to change the Civil legal status of the animals. This amendment was already the result of harsh negociations between the MPs, as many of them are hunters. Therefore the amendment stated that only "kept" animals are sentient beings, excluding wild animals of its scope. It had already been hardly criticised by animal welfare organisations (see more). 

But on 28 January 2015, the National Assemblee has finally re-implemented the amendment deleted by the Senate. Therefore, the amendment is adopted and provides that animals are "living beings gifted sentience".