Written questions May – December 2014 (Newsletter 24)

Written Questions of MEPs to the EU Commission

Newsletter n°24

Welfare of animals – E-007497/2014           

Animal welfare achievements – E-007010/2014

Animal welfare in Bosnia – E-001278/2014

Animal welfare – E-002093/2014


Wild Animals

In wildlife

Return of whale-hunting in Japan – E-009239/2014

Wildlife: species at risk of extinction – E-009233/2014

Sea of blood in Denmark – E-006600/2014

Slaughter of dolphins by Japan and the Faroe Islands – P-006608/2014

Mass killing of badgers in the UK – E-006041/2014

VP/HR – Lion welfare in South Africa – E-003309/2014

Killing of dolphins in the Faroe Islands – E-002160/2014

Protection of dolphins and small cetaceans from hunting – E-003076/2014         

Protection of African elephants – E-002921/2014


In captivity

Zoo management and the proposed animal framework legislation – E-002124/2014

Level of compliance with EU legislation on conservation of fauna in zoos and aquariums – E-002709/2014      

Tania the elephant at Târgu Mureș zoo in Romania – E-003650/2014

Animal welfare in Copenhagen zoo – E-003775/2014

Dolphinaria in the EU – E-002914/2014

Animal welfare and dolphinariums – E-003361/2014

Use of animals in circuses – E-002711/2014

Euthanasia in European zoos – E-002454/2014

Directive 1999/22/EC on the keeping of wild animals in zoos – E-002895/2014

Use of wild animals in travelling circuses in Member States – E-000477/2014



Exotic animals in the EU – E-001442/2014

Wildlife trafficking – E-005053/2014

Illegal wildlife trade – E-005602/2014

On-line trade in ivory – E-005640/2014

Dolphins imported into the European Union and used for commercial purposes – E-003989/2014         



Farm Animals


Welfare of veal calves – E-005715/2014


Eggs from battery cages on the European market – E-008657/2014

Unfair egg trade – E-007576/2014



Welfare of farmed rabbits – E-008890/2014

Origin labelling for rabbit meat – E-006665/2014



Ritual slaughter and animal suffering – E-009185/2014

Slaughter of sheep to mark an Islamic religious festival – E-007723/2014

Slaughterhouse closures – P-003235/2014



Pig sector in Ireland – E-008266/2014

Pigs Directive 2008/120/EC – P-003469/2014



Bison farming – E-008006/2014



Welfare of farm animals exported to third countries – E—004181/2014



Traceability of horses in Europe – E-006516/2014

Non-identification of horses in Galicia – E-004462/2014

Racehorses and slaughter – E-002817/2014          


Companion Animals



Stray dogs in Romania – E-004968/2014

Stray dogs in Romania – E-006602/2014

Dog management in Romania – E-002633/2014

Dealing with stray dogs in Romania – P-004001/2014

Looting of refuges for stray dogs in Romania – E-003699/2014

Violent action still against stray dogs – E-004861/2014

Rabies programme in Romania – E-001404/2014

Suffering stray dogs in Romania exploited for profit – E-003212/2014

Impact of the movement of animals for adoption – E-003087/2014



Slaughtering of greyhounds in Europe – E-008341/2014

Animal abuse – Spanish greyhounds – E-007045/2014

Silent slaughter of greyhounds in Europe – E-004661/2014



Trade in huskies – E-005266/2014

Ill-treatment of dogs in Italy – E-002500/2014

Killing of stray dogs in Macedonia – E-002498/2014

Puppy farming trade – E-007896/2014




Travelling with pets – E-007637/2014           

Animals in planes – E-005042/2014



Facebook groups and hatred towards animals – E-002951/2014


Specific issues

Animals in Experiments

Use of primates in research – E-007668/2014

Preclinical animal research – E-006155/2014

Legal status of experiments on primates – E-003477/2014

Complaint by GAIA – E-004628/2014



Bullfighting subsidies – E-007990/2014

Allocation of EU funds for bulls in Spain – E-007018/2014


Animal Health

Meeting between representatives of the WHO and the EU – E-003463/2014

Animal health regulation – E-007156/2014



TTIP and farm animal welfare – E-006208/2014