10.07.2017 The fight against slaughter without stunning under the label “Organic Farming”

‘The French association for the protection of farm animals “l’Œuvre d’assistance aux bêtes d’abattoir” (OABA) seized the Administrative Court of Appeal of Versailles, who tipped in favor of the association and questioned the slaughter without stunning in organic farming. The Court of Justice of the European Union will rule and answer the following question: "Should the applicable rules of European Union law be interpreted as authorizing or prohibiting the granting of the European organic label to meat derived from Animals, which have been slaughtered without prior stunning?’ (source: La France Agricole 10.07.201)

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Second Eurobarometer on Animal Welfare


FOUR PAWS urges the Commission to listen to the European citizens concerns on Animal Welfare

A new Eurobarometer[1] on the Attitudes of EU citizens towards Animal Welfare (Eurobarometer 442) has been published by the EU Commission. This is the second special EU survey on this matter of particular importance for the European citizens since March 2007. The main goal of the Eurobarometer is to assess among European citizens how much Animal Welfare matters in their daily life. 

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Australia: a farmer sentenced to a $300,000 fine for selling cage eggs under the label "free range"

In Australia, the Federal Court has condemned a Egg producer to a unusually high penalty for having misleaded the consumer. Indeed, the condemned company was selling eggs under the name "free range" accompanied with pictures of free outdoors hens, when in facts most of the eggs were coming from hens reared in cages.

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