France: Prohibition of the barbaric tradition of "Encierro à l'Eyraguaise " (bull rope)

After a fight of twelve years, the French organisations "Alliance Anti-corrida", "Œuvre d'Assistance aux Bêtes d'Abattoirs" and the SPA of the region of Arles (south of France) have succeeded to get a judgment banning the "bull rope" a barbaric bull run. These races can result in injuries to the bull whose movements are hampered by a rope at the horns. The bull's head is projected in all the directions, with a violent pull on the rope held by a group of people.

This tradition was already banned by the Prefecture of the Region, but despite the ban was still taking place. The high court of Tarascon has cancelled and prohibited the next run that was suppose to happen on January 15. The oprganisers have been sentenced to a € 3,000 fine. Moreover, they will have to pay 400€ to each organisation.

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