Ranking of animal laws in the USA

The Animal legal defense fund, an organisation of animal welfare lawyers in the United States aiming to protect the lives and advance the interests of animals through the legal system, made a ranking of the US animal welfare laws.

Here is the result: 


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Idaho (USA) Judge overturns the law prohibiting undercover video on animal abuse

This is a good news for animal welfare organisations of Idaho, United States. The scandalous law aiming to make a crime of undercover investigation inside agricultural facilities has been declared as violating the constitutional right to free speech. 

The "ag gag law" was introduced in 2012 after the release of a video exposing cruelty and neglect in farms. Following this videos, several farmers were condemned for animal abuse and mistreatments.  

More on http://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2015/aug/03/judge-overturns-idaho-ag-gag-law-victory-animal-rights-campaigners


Bear baiting in the US and Pakistan

21 May 2012
Arlene McCarthy (S&D)

Following the entry into force of the Lisbon Treaty, the EU recognises animals as sentient beings and has pledged to pay full regard to the welfare requirements of animals.

In light of this, and following the insertion of similar clauses into the EU‑Korea and EU‑Ukraine Free Trade Agreements, will the Commission consider inserting animal welfare clauses into trade agreements with the United States and Pakistan, due to the practice of bear baiting in these countries?

10 July 2012
Answer given by Mr Dalli on behalf of the Commission

As regards the inclusion of animal welfare provision in bilateral trade agreements with third countries, the Commission has been working for years now to raise awareness and promote shared understanding on mutually agreed standards with the main EU trading partners and will continue in the future, as announced in the EU strategy for animal welfare (2012-2015). However, as regards bear fighting or other animals fights there are no EU standards nor international standards at the World Organisation for Animal Health (OIE).

At this stage, the Commission does not envisage engaging in FTA negotiations with Pakistan in the short term. As regards the United States, there is no Free Trade Agreement (FTA) negotiations open at this stage. At the latest EUU/US Summit in November 2011, both sides agreed to look into ways and means to deepen further the trade and investment relationship with a view to maximising positive impact on jobs, growth and competitiveness, through the establishment of a High Level Working Group on Jobs and Growth (interim report issued on 19 June 2012).