Protection of animals at the time of killing: very bad level of compliance for 2013 !

On October 24 2012, EU Commission together with the Cypriot Presidency has held a conference about Enforcement of the Slaughter Regulation, to inform about the state of play of the enforcement of the Regulation in Member States. The result is very bad: very few Member States will be in compliance for the 2013 deadline.

The Council Regulation 1099/009 on protection of animals at the time of killing has been voted in 2009, in order to replace replace Directive 93/119/EC.

This Regulation is improving animal welfare in slaughterhouses in several requirements:

  • Creation of an Animal Welfare officer position in all slaughterhouses
  • All staff of Slaughterhouses with live animals should possess a certificate of competence attesting that they have sufficient knowledge concerning animal welfare
  • Stunning of animals is mandatory (except for religious slaughter) and efficiency of stunning methods should be evaluate
  • Standard operating procedures for the welfare of animals at slaughter are introduced


Please find here the agenda of the meeting with related presentation (click on the name of the presentation to have access to the power point)