Birds hunting in Cyprus

22 April 2013    
Arlene McCarthy (S&D) , Linda McAvan (S&D) 


Under the 1979 Wild Birds Directive, the hunting of wild birds is regulated in the EU. The Commission has previously launched infringement proceedings against Malta for failing to comply with the provision of the directive concerning hunting. Can the Commission provide an update regarding these infringement proceedings and confirm whether they are still ongoing?

Recent reports indicate that the Maltese authorities have relaxed the supervision of, and the enforcement requirements for, the spring hunt for turtle dove and quail.

Is the Commission aware of these recent developments, and of the level of illegal bird hunting in Malta in general? Can the Commission confirm what action it will take in response to this?


7 June 2013    
Answer given by Mr Potočnik on behalf of the Commission

The Commission is aware of the situation in Malta and recent developments with respect to the spring hunting derogation. The Commission is in contact with the Maltese authorities regarding the effectiveness of the enforcement system. The Commission would also refer the Honourable Members to its answers to written questions E-347/2013 and E-4289/2013.