Animal welfare, including equine health and welfare

22 January 2014


Marina Yannakoudakis (ECR) 

In May 2013 the Commission announced that it was bringing forward a proposal for animal welfare, including equine health and welfare. Could the Commission inform me when it expects its proposals to come into force, and whether it will monitor their implementation to ensure that an effective and accurate equine database is established in each Member State?

17 March 2014


Answer given by Mr Borg on behalf of the Commission

Following the outcome of a Commission inquiry in 2013, 23 Member States have established a central database; two Member States have a single database for registered equidae and equidae for breeding and production respectively, and three Member States have no centralised database.

During the preparation of a review of Union legislation on the identification of equidae, Member States shared the Commission’s view that an effective management of identification documents for equidae cannot be ensured without a central database, in particular where those documents are issued, in accordance with current animal health and zootechnical legislation, by multiple issuing bodies.

An operational central database for domestic equidae would assist competent authorities in Member States to enforce the animal health and welfare and the public health conditions pertaining to the keeping and movement of equidae in the Union more effectively.

The Commission is therefore finalising an appropriate legal text in view of its possible presentation to Member States in the Standing Committee on the Food Chain and Animal Health.