Stray dogs in Romania


7 February 2014              

Janusz Wojciechowski (ECR)    


MEPs receive many letters from members of the public in Romania and other countries concerning the brutal and inhumane methods being used to get rid of stray dogs in Romania. I have visited Romania twice in response to these reports of the inhumane treatment of stray animals, which, unfortunately, are borne out by the information I obtained in the country and my first-hand observations. This is not just a matter of animal suffering but also of suffering on the part of animal lovers who are helpless in the face of the acts of cruelty being carried out before their very eyes.

Is the Commission aware of this situation? Is it receiving similar reports? Is it taking or is it intending to take any action on this matter?

Could the Commission state whether there is a possibility for financial assistance from the EU budget for 2014-2020 to be used to support action to control the stray dog population humanely, such as sterilisation, adoption or support for animal shelters?

25 March 2014


Answer given by Mr Borg on behalf of the Commission

The Honourable Member is invited to refer to the answers to written questions E‐006543/2011, E-007161/2011, E-002062/2012 and E-005276/2013(1) which address the issues of stray dogs and of dog population management.

In the spirit of the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union and in particular its Article 13 which acknowledges that animals are sentient beings, the Commission reminded to the Romanian Minister of Health the critical role of the national competent authorities in ensuring the full compliance with the OIE recommendations on stray dog population control.

The Romanian authorities have replied to the Commission letter providing information on the situation and the initiatives taken. The information has been shared with Member States authorities in the framework of the Standing Committee on the Food and Animal Health Chain.

EU competences do not allow the Commission to fund stray dog control programs.