Press Conference in the EU Parliament on Stray Dog situation in Romania

Yesterday, the Members of the European Parliament, Andrea Zanoni and Janusz Wojciechowski, held a press conference in the European Parliament to discuss the result of their delegation visit to Romania, following the adoption of the new law on dog population management.

Both MEPs are concerned about what they have seen in Romania:

There is cruelty on the streets towards animals, even in front of children.

The catching of stray dogs has become a lucrative business for private companies who receive public money when delivering stray dogs to shelters.

However, these shelters are managed very badly and the adoption procedure is very complex which makes it almost impossible for private persons to adopt a dog from a shelter.

The overall problem, they concluded, is a lack of monitoring and implementation of the law by the authorities.

Both MEPs stressed, that the new law has not improved the problem of rising population of stray animals but has made it worse.

Wojciechowski said, killing of stray dogs is cruel, useless and not effective to reduce their number. Only identification, registration and systematic neutering could solve the issue. He has sent a letter to the Prime Minister of Romania recently, asking the government to respect the welfare standards laid down by Article 13 of the Lisbon Treaty TFEU, and to end the killing of healthy animals as permitted by the critical law adopted last year. 

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