EU Elections 2014

EU Elections took place from the 22nd to the 26th of May 2014. For this 8th period, 751 MEPs have been elected.

If you want to consult the results, country per country please visit

Regarding Animal Welfare, for the first time, two MEPs from a national Animal Welfare Party have been elected: one from Germany and one from the Netherlands.


MEPs are the direct representants of the citizens as they are directly elected by them. A different number of MEPs is set up according to the size of the countries. Consequently, Germany is the country who has the most of seats (96) and Malta the country who has the least of seats of MEPs (6). Moreover, this year for the first time, there will be Croatian MEPs (12).


Once elected, MEPs have a vote power in the parliament. They also have some individual powers and rights within the Parliament:

  • the right to table a motion for resolution;
  • the right to put questions to the Council of the European Union, the Commission, and to the leaders of the Parliament;
  • the right to table an amendment to any text in committee;
  • the right to make explanations of vote;
  • the right to raise points of order;
  • the right to move the inadmissibility of a matter.


It is therefore very important that every EU citizen is voting. Indeed, only a high participation in the vote of citizens would permit a fair representation of their interest at the EU Level.

EU Elections are also important for animal welfare. By voting, you can help to make the European Parliament more animal welfare friendly. For this purpose, animal welfare organisations offer some help to citizens to find the animal welfare friendly MEPs (please see links below).


More information on VIER PFOTEN WebPage and on Eurogroup for Animals Campaign Website.