The EU Parliament promotes healthy food in schools

The agriculture committee at the European Parliament agreed on promoting the healthy eating habits is schools, as a result of boosting trend of eating processed food and decreasing level of the consumption of fruit and vegetables among youth.

The main goal to achieve is not only introducing the tightest legal standards of food served to children and teenagers at schools (e. g. artificial flavour enhancers and added sweeteners will be completely banned now), but foremost increasing the agriculture awareness and good eating habits among children. Organising farm visits with tasting the organic food and local specialities are just a few possibilities offered to the Member States to encourage the youth to start eating consciously.

Presently, the agreed text concerning getting the special EU funding for this aim is waiting for the Parliament’s approval in March or April 2016. It is worth highlighting that the amount of donation is 150 million euro per year, which will be divided fairly between the EU member states.

You can read more about the MEPs initiative on the healthy eating here:


VIER PFOTEN is also glad to inform you that the new EU policy about the promotion of the healthy eating is completely coherent with one of the VIER PFOTEN’s projects. You can read more about our initiative “Friendly food”, which stands for the good for health, animals and climate, here: