23.03.2017 The Committee on Petitions of the European Parliament reviews the new study “Animal Welfare in the European Union” by Professor Donald M. Broom

Brussels, Thursday 23 March 2017 – In response to a growing number of petitions received, the Committee on Petitions of the European Parliament reviewed a new study by Professor Donald M. Broom, department of Veterinary Medicine, University of Cambridge, entitled “Animal Welfare in the European Union” and discussed possible violations of applicable EU law.

The study reveals that 35% of EU animals are unprotected. The Eurobarometer indicates that there is an increase of animal welfare concern and demands, leading to new welfare-friendly markets within and outside the EU.

A vast majority of EU citizens believe that both enforcement of existing animal protection legislation and the development of new Animal Welfare policy and legislation are needed, as there are still species that are not protected by law. This has an impact on the EU’s reputation an image on the rest of the world.

The study also emphasises on the serious animal welfare problems that are not covered by law in the EU. The report recommends the elaboration of a general animal welfare law or species specific legislation and the mention of animal sentience & welfare.

The animal user industries, animal protection groups and policymakers share the view that animal welfare legislation and policy should be based on science, on research on animal welfare and on the exchange of information.

Access to the report is available at here