02.08.2017 – Czech Republic puts an end to fur farming

Fur farming has been prohibited in the Czech Republic as of today, August 2, 2017.

The law concerns the "raising and killing animals exclusively or mainly for their furs", such as foxes and minks. Nine existing fur farms will be forced to close by January 31st, 2019. This decision reflects the general opinion on fur farming, as 83 per cent of Czechs are in favour of closing fur farms.

At present bans on fur production have also been adopted by Austria, the Netherlands, Slovenia, Croatia, Macedonia, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Serbia, and the United Kingdom. Due to the high prohibitions and standards of captivity in Germany and Switzerland farming animals for fur is hindered. In Belgium, Wallonia and the Region of Brussels-capital have banned fur farming. Currently the Flemish Minister of Animal Welfare is considering a draft law banning such farms.

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