Removing the Blinkers: The health and welfare of European equidae in 2015

The Report has been done by Eurogroup for animals and World Horse Welfare. Among other recommendations it calls for species specific legislation to protect horses, donkeys and mules who so often fall between the cracks between legislation designed for farm or companion animals.

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UK: the ministry of agriculture published a 5 year progress report on animal welfare

This report summarises how the UK has contributed to improvements in EU and global animal welfare standards in the last five years.

It covers the illegal wildlife trade; farm animal welfare; the treatment of animals in laboratories; and appropriate links to International Financial Institutions (IFIs).

The report was commissioned by the Inter-Ministerial Group on International Animal Welfare.

The Report: animal-welfare-5-year-progress-report

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Joint Declaration on Animal Welfare

On December 14th 2014, the Ministries of Netherlands, Denmark and Germany have co-written and signed a joint declaration on animal welfare aiming to improve animal welfare in the EU. The three countries are calling all the other Member States to sign it also.

Please find here the joint declaration: Animal Welfare Declaration


The final component for Animal Welfare – Proper enforcement / Presentation VIER PFOTEN


On October 7th, Eurogroup for Animals together with the EU Intergroup for Animal Welfare organise a conference entitled Putting Animal Welfare at the Heart of the EU (please click here for more information on the event).  

Dr Marlene Wartenberg, Director of the European Policy office of VIER PFOTEN / FOUR PAWS has given a speech on Enforcement of Animal welfare legislation and introduced the Enforcement Network to the Members of the Parliament.

Please find here her presentation: The final component for Animal Welfare Proper enforcement – VIER PFOTEN EPO


WWF/TRAFFIC Facts and Figures on Illegal Wildlife Trade in the EU

Title: The EU as a major destination and transit point in global wildlife trade: facts and figures

Date: 2013


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Puppy Trade in Europe: the presentations of the EU Parliament event and the VIER PFOTEN report

On 26 November 2013, FOUR PAWS International in support of the European Policy Office of FOUR PAWS hold a lunch debate in the European Parliament on Puppy Trade in Europe. The occasion was the launch of FOUR PAWS' research on the impact of illegal businesses on the market, on consumers, on the one-health concept and on animal welfare.

Keynote speakers were the Members of the European Parliament, Marit Paulsen and Elisabeth Jeggle (Rapporteur and shadow-rapporteur of the draft Animal Health Law). More than 40 participants joined the debate. 


Here are all the relevant documents:



The VIER PFOTEN Report on Puppy Trade in Europe





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