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Animal Welfare police

There is no animal welfare police as such but an Animal protection supervisor appointed by the State Provincial Office.

Section 38 (28.4.2006/300) – Animal protection supervisor

(1) Under conditions established by the State Provincial Office it may grant the right to perform inspections referred to in section 39 as an animal protection supervisor to a person who possesses sufficient competence on the species concerned and the animal protection requirements for its keeping acquired through training or practical experience and who has passed the animal protection supervisor course concerning the performance of animal protection inspections organised by the Finnish Food Safety Authority. According to the competence of the animal protection supervisor, the right of inspection may concern either one or several animal species. An animal protection supervisor does not have a right to perform an inspection that violates domiciliary peace.

(2) An animal protection supervisor is liable for any damage caused in an inspection as set down in the Tort Liability Act (412/1974) and he or she must have an insurance against the liability for any damages caused in an inspection. The provisions on public liability under the criminal law apply to the animal protection supervisor when performing an inspection under this Act.

3) The State Provincial Office may revoke a right it has granted if the animal protection supervisor neglects the compliance with the conditions established by the State Provincial Office or otherwise in an essential way violates the obligations concerning an inspection. The right may also be revoked for other justified cause.