Publication on Italian legislation

Italy, Guidelines for the movement of companion animals

Author: Italian Ministry of Health Department of Veterinary Public Health, Food Safety and Collegial Bodies for Health Protection Directorate General of Animal Health and Veterinary Drugs Animal Protection Operative Unit These Guidelines have been established to help compliance with Agreement 24 January 2013 between the Government, the regions and the autonomous provinces of Trento and Bolzano,…

Comment on the Italian Animal Welfare Act, Ärzte für Tiere

Comment on the Italian Animal Welfare Act Ärzte für Tiere Link: http://www.aerztefuertiere.de/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=121:italy&catid=136&Itemid=586&showall=&limitstart=2&lang=en


Enforcement tools

Ministry in charge of animal welfare

Ministry of Health


Animal Welfare Committee in the Government

Office VI of the Ministry of Health


Animal Welfare Police

The Italian animal welfare police is a very specific example. It is the national wildlife police that became an «animal police» also for farm animals, but not for pets

  • National level: The Corpo Forestale dello Stato

•Founded in 1822 but food control duties enlarged more recently

•Goal: enforce poaching laws, safeguard protected animal species and prevent forest fires

+ Since a reform of 2001: special unit for food safety for controlling of live animals

Here is their website: http://www3.corpoforestale.it/flex/cm/pages/ServeBLOB.php/L/IT/IDPagina/1

  • Provincial level: Polizia Provinciale 

•Only used in some of the 109 provinces of Italy

•Goal: enforce regional and national hunting and fishing laws, wildlife management and environmental protection


Animal Welfare Political party

INDEX.3Partito Animalista Italiano