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Name Type Date Author(s) How to get the document

EU Code of conduct for the labelling of compound feed for food producing animals

Code of Conduct endorsed by the EU Commission 2016 Copa and Cogeca and FEFAC Free download here

Practical EU guidelines to assess fitness of pigs for transport

Guidelines 2016 UECBV, Copa and Cogeca, Eurogroup for Animals, Animals’ Angels, FVE, IRU, ELT, INAPORC and Cooperl Arc Atlantique

If you are a professional involved in the transport of pigs (producer, veterinarian, transporter, etc.), you can request a copy through the FVE website here or via

For free download you can go under the FVE restricted website here

Study on Routine tail-docking of pigs EU study (study for the PETI Committee) 2015 Ottavio Marzocchi Policy Department C: Citizens' Rights and Constitutional Affairs European Parliament Free download here

Making the most of pig manure ("EfficientHeat project")

EU funded project 2008 – 2013

Project coordinator: Arnold Kleijn of HRS Heat Exchangers in Spain

Countries involved: Spain (Coordinator),Switzerland, France, Finland

Information can be found here
Study on various methods of stunning for poultry

EU Study 

(Framework Contract for evaluation and evaluation related services)

2014 Prepared by the Food Chain Evaluation Consortium (FCEC) Civic Consulting – Agra CEAS Consulting – Van Dijk Management Consultants – Arcadia International – Project Leader: Agra CEAS Consulting Free download at here

Practical Guidelines to Assess Fitness for Transport of Adult Bovines (FASFC)

Guidelines 2012


UECBV (European Livestock and Meat Trading Union)


ELT (European Livestock Transporters)

FVE (Federation of Veterinarians of Europe)

IRU (International Road Transport Union)

The guidelines can be bought here



Name Type Date Author(s) How to get the document
Overview report on Animal Health Controls in Zoos and Laboratories EU study 2016 DG SANTE, EU Commission Free download here

EU Zoos Directive, Good Practices Document


EU study/ Good Practices 2015 Study requested by the EU Commission. Project management was by VetEffecT Consultancy & Recruiting, led by Remco Schrijver and Reina Sikkema. The Coordinator of the Writing and expert Pool for the document was Myriam Rodríguez-Guerra of Active Life Company. The Writing Pool was comprised of Myriam Rodríguez-Guerra, Vanessa Herranz Muñoz, Leonor Galhardo, María Fàbregas Hernández with contributions from Reina Sikkema, Heather Bacon and Neil Smith. The Expert Pool also involved Michael Fielding, Guna Vitola, Endre Sós, Federico Guillén Salazar, John Fa. Free download here

Study on honey bee colony mortality

EU study 2015 the EU reference laboratory for bee health Free download here


COMPANION ANIMALS (inc. equines)

Name Type Date Author(s) How to get the document

Identification, vaccination and movement of dogs and cats in the EU – How can the Pet Passport and TRACES systems be improved?

Report 2016 VIER PFOTEN European Policy Office and Planet ID

In French:




In English:



EU study on the welfare of dogs and cats involved in commercial practices

EU Study 2015

IBF International Consulting

Istituto Zooprofilattico Sperimentale dell’Abruzzo e del Molise “G. Caporale”


Wageningen University & Research Centre

Free download here

EU-wide identification and registration (i&r) for companion animals proposal

Proposal 2015 CARO EU Traceability Expert Working Group

Free download here

Short version

Long version

Removing the Blinkers: The health and welfare of European equidae in 2015


2015 Eurogroup for animals and World Horse Welfare Free download here

Shelter Quality:  Welfare Assessment Protocol for Shelter Dogs

Study financed by the Italian Ministry of Health 2014

S. Barnard, C. Pedernera, A. Velarde, P. Dalla Villa

coordinated by the Istituto Zooprofilattico Sperimentale dell’Abruzzo e del Molise ‘G. Caporale’ (Teramo, Italy), in collaboration with IRTA, Institut de Recerca i Tecnologia Agroalimentàries (Monells, Girona, España)

Free download here
Practical Guidelines to Assess Fitness for Transport of Equidae Guidelines 2014 FEEVA, World Horse Welfare Free download here


GENERAL (animal health, disasters etc.)

Name Type Date Author(s) How to get the document

Natural disasters and “One – Health” Are we prepared? Conclusions of the Conference

Conference's conclusions

2015 The Federation of Veterinarians of Europe in association with the Latvian Presidency of the European Union and the support of the European Commission

Free download here

Code of Conduct & Veterinary Act

Code of conduct  2011 FVE Free download here