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Detailed view by country

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General Overview

Ranking of countries by infringement level:

  Number of EU legislation infringed Seriousness of the infringement*
Italy 6 ***
Greece 5 **
Cyprus 5 *
Portugal 5  
The Netherlands 4 **
Spain 4 *
Bulgaria 4  
Belgium 3 *
Denmark 3 *
Finland 3 *
France 3 *
Hungary 4 *
Poland 3 *
Germany 3  
Ireland 3  
Austria 2 *
Romania 2 *
Luxembourg 2  
Malta 2  
Slovenia 2  
Sweden 2  
United Kingdom 2  
Latvia 1  
Croatia 0  
Czech Republic 0  
Estonia 0  
Lithuania 0  
Slovakia 0  

* The ranking of the seriousness of the infringement thas been done regarding data of the following table. 

Letter of formal notice : 0-star / Reasonned opinion: 1-star / Referral to the Court: 2-stars / Condemnation by the Court: 3-stars


Level of infringement by seriousness of the infringement:

  Letter of formal notice Reasonned opinion Referral to the Court Condemnation by the Court
Austria II I    
Belgium III II    
Bulgaria IV      
Cyprus V II    
Czech Republic        
Denmark III II    
Finland III II    
France III II    
Germany III      
Greece V II I  
Hungary IV I    
Ireland III      
Latvia I      
Luxembourg II      
Malta II      
The Netherlands IV III II  
Poland III II    
Portugal V      
Romania II I    
Slovenia II      
Spain IV II    
Sweden II      
United Kingdom II      


Number of infringement by Topic*:

  Regulation 1/2005 (welfare at transport) Regulation 1099/2009 (welfare at slaughter) Directive 2013/31/EU (Commercial movement of dogs, cats and ferrets) Directive 1999/74/EC (welfare of laying hens) Directive 2008/120/EC (welfare of pigs) Directive 2010/63/EU (protection of animals used for scientific purposes)
Austria     I I    
Belgium       II I  
Bulgaria     I I   II
Cyprus I   I I I I
Czech Republic            
Denmark     I I I  
Finland       I I I
France       II   I
Germany       I I I
Greece     I II I I
Hungary     I I   II
Ireland I   I   I  
Italy     I III   II
Latvia       I    
Luxembourg     I I    
Malta     I     I
The Netherlands       III   I
Poland       I I I
Portugal     I II I I
Romania     I I   I
Slovenia         I I
Spain I I   I   I
Sweden     I I    
United Kingdom I     I    

*Please note that we didn't include the infringements related to the Habitat or the Birds directive at these texts are concerning conservation of species and not directly animal welfare