Minimum Standards for the Protection of Farm Rabbits

 After receiving the report of the Rapporteur Stefan Eck on the minimum standards for the protection of farm rabbits, the European Parliament’s Committee on Agriculture and Rural Development (AGRI) discussed recommendations for the adoption of the new EU legislation.

"Most rabbits kept for meat consumption are held in so-called 'battery cages'. The small space provided per rabbit makes it impossible for the animals to satisfy their species-specific needs. Moreover, due to the lack of stimulus, behavioral disorders often appear such as stereotyped movements, self-mutilation and even cannibalism. Loud noise that results from the stereotyped jumping of rabbits in their cages is an additional disturbance, as rabbits are inherently noise-sensitive animals."

The initiative is ment to encourage the European Commission to present an ambitious draft legislative proposal on animal welfare in rabbit farming aiming to close the existing lopholes and taking on board the recommendation of the European Parliament

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