A model of Animal Welfare Act suggested by “World Animal Net”

The World Animal Net platform provides a model of animal welfare act that includes among other good provisions, good and clear definitions.


Net’s Model Animal Welfare Act (MAWA) is used as a guide and information source to facilitate the process of improving or introducing the legislation needed to implement OIE Animal Welfare Standards.


A first Animal Welfare Act for Lebanon ?

Lebanon animal welfare law one step closer to becoming a reality. The law started to be thought in 2009 and was firstly drafted in 2011, following public consultation. A final draft was presented in 2014. This week, the law was approved by the Cabinet of the Ministry of Agriculture. The next step would be the approval of the Bill by the Parliament in order to become a law.

The bill covers every species: farm animals, stray cats and dogs, wild animals, slaughter etc.

More on http://www.dailystar.com.lb/Life/Lubnan/2015/Feb-06/286672-lebanon-animal-welfare-law-one-step-closer-to-becoming-a-reality.ashx


India: animal welfare : a key issue for the elections?

In India, in the frame of the upcoming elections, animal welfare became a key political topic to adress to be elected. Indeed, through the Country, there have been massive protests asking for the final adoption of the revised Animal Welfare Act, which vote has been suspended since 2011. This revised act would provide stricter penalties in case of animal mistreatments, including imprisonment.

More information on http://www.business-standard.com/article/pti-stories/rights-bodies-urge-parties-to-work-for-animal-welfare-114040901085_1.html


Maltese Enforcement Unit tackles needless killing of animals

Officers of the Administrative and Law Enforcement Unit are currently investigating possible breaches of the Animal Welfare Act, after a number of Animal Welfare Department officers allegedly broke the law and killed animals in their care.

More information on http://www.maltatoday.com.mt


Serbia: Legal Protection of Abandoned Animals Under The Animal Welfare Act, Nataša Stojanović

This is a legal comparison of laws regarding stray dogs, and an overview of the Serbian Animal Welfare legislation.

Direct link of the University of Nis website: http://facta.junis.ni.ac.rs/lap/lap201102/lap201102-05.pdf