The Council supports the idea of creating an EU Animal Welfare Platform

FOUR PAWS welcomes the European Council’s support to the idea of creating an EU Animal Welfare Platform

During its Council Agriculture and Fisheries session held on 15th February 2016, the European Council has welcomed the idea to create an EU animal welfare platform, suggested by the German, Swedish, Danish and Dutch delegations.

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Pig Welfare: Ministers from Germany, Sweden, Denmark and the Netherlands request a revision of the EU Directive

Brussels/Copenhagen. 29 April 2015

FOUR PAWS welcomes this strong political common will to improve pig welfare in the EU

Yesterday, during the International Conference on Pig Welfare taking place in Copenhagen, a joint position paper requesting the revision of Council Directive 2008/120/EC laying down minimum standards for the protection of pigs has been signed by Ministers from Germany, the Netherlands, Sweden and Denmark.

Already in December 2014, the agricultural ministers of Germany, the Netherlands and Denmark have committed themselves into a joint declaration to improve animal welfare in Europe, and to update the EU legislation with the last scientific improvements. The yesterday’s declaration on pig welfare, is a first step in reaching the goals fixed in 2014.

In particular, the three ministers, joined by the Sweden Minister, are asking for : the reduction of the number of tail docked pigs, no castration without anesthesia, mandatory group housing systems for all pregnant sows and further developments of loose-housing for sows in the farrowing pen.

The agricultural Danish Minister Dan Jørgensen, also former MEP, declared: “A pig is an intelligent sentient being, and should be treated as such”. 

Following this joint declaration, the Commission is encouraged to initiate further studies on this subject, and subsequently draw up guidelines.


Please find the position paper here: Pig position paper 29.04.2015

More on the 2014 Animal Welfare Declaration here:

Website of the IPW Event:


Joint Declaration on Animal Welfare

On December 14th 2014, the Ministries of Netherlands, Denmark and Germany have co-written and signed a joint declaration on animal welfare aiming to improve animal welfare in the EU. The three countries are calling all the other Member States to sign it also.

Please find here the joint declaration: Animal Welfare Declaration


Denmark: plans to have a complete ban on zoophilia

The Danish Minister for AGriculture of Denmark (the former MEP Dan Jørgensen) announced that he intends to propose a bill to ban completely zoophilia in Denmark. Up to now, zoophilia is penalised only when evidences of animal suffering can be brought.

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Denmark outlaws ritual slaughter without stunning

Following Sweden and Poland, last week, Denmark outlawed slaughter without preliminary stunning. The prohibition is applying up from this week on all the Danish territory. Answering to the protest of the jewish and muslim community, Dan Joergensen, Danish Minister and also former MEP said Animal rights come before religion”.

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Commission to recover €180 million of CAP expenditure from the Member States

A total of €180 million of EU agricultural policy funds, unduly spent by Member States, is being claimed back by the European Commission today under the so-called "clearance of accounts procedure". UK, Poland and Denmark are the Countries who will have to reimburse the most.

More information in the offcial Press release of the EU Commission here