France: a law proposal to give harsher penalties to those who abandon their dog or cat

On July 28 2015, the French MP Frédéric Lefebvre has initiated a law proposal aiming to give harsher penalties to the persons who abandon their animals and also to prohibit anyone who abandonned a dog or a cat in the past to adopt or buy a new one.


Official Press release: 

« Lefebvre (Les Républicains) propose de renforcer la protection des animaux domestiques

Le député Frédéric Lefebvre (Les Républicains) a annoncé mardi avoir déposé une proposition de loi "durcissant les sanctions et interdisant toute nouvelle possession d'animal pour les propriétaires qui ont abandonné leurs animaux".

La loi propose de sanctionner "l'abandon d'un animal domestique, apprivoisé ou tenu en captivité", et de durcir la peine maximale en cas d'abandon ou de sévices, qui passerait à 45.000 euros d'amende et 3 ans d'emprisonnement. Le député souhaite également rendre automatique la confiscation d'animaux victimes de leurs maîtres.

"La reconnaissance du statut d'être vivant sensible (…) doit nécessairement avoir pour conséquence la mise en cohérence de notre droit et une évolution de notre droit pénal", a commenté le député dans un communiqué.

"Chaque année, plus de 60.000 animaux de compagnie sont abandonnés par leurs propriétaires sur les routes de France, et une recrudescence de ces abandons est enregistrée au moment des vacances estivales", a-t-il souligné. »


Kentucky (US): ban on cock fightings and dog fightings

Recently, the Senate Minority Leader McConnell passed a bill to made of cockfightings and dogfightings a federal crime, punishable by up to a year in prison and $100,000 fine. The bill also provides that bringing a minor to such fights is a federal felony, punishable by up to three years in prison and a $250,000 fine.

The bill has raised massive protests in the US from breeders and farmers who where winning a lot of monney out of this fights.

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Turkey: New penalty fines for dog's mutilation (ear crop and tail dock)

Turkey's Ministry of Forestry and Water Works has set new penalty fines some animal offences. Among the new rules, removing organs and cutting off parts of animals without medical necessity will be fined 600€. This is outlawing the common practice of ear cropping and tail docking of dogs (often hunting dogs). A lot of EU Countries are still allowing such a practice.

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France: 4,034 jackets made of cat and dog fur seized by the French customs authorities

Last week, the French customs officers have seized 4,034 jackets labelled as "synthetique fur", but having, according to the officers, "a strange smell". After analysis, it appears that the jackets were made of cat and dog fur. 

Cat and dog fur is prohibited in France since 2007 and in the whole EU since 2008.

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UK: First centre dedicated exclusively to studying dogs’ ability to understand humans

In Portsmouth University (UK), the first centre to study dogs/human relationship has opened this month. The centre is part of the department of psychology, but the results will also help to improve dog welfare.

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