Motion for resolution on eliminating the practice of tail-docking of pigs

The European Parliament,
–  having regard to Rule 133 of its Rules of Procedure,
A.  whereas animal welfare associations have drawn attention to the practice of tail-docking in a number of pig farms, a practice which causes the animals a lot of pain since no anaesthetic is administered;
B.  whereas 25 million pigs are reared every year in France alone, primarily for their meat;
C.  whereas 95 % of pigs are kept in cramped and overcrowded buildings, on slatted floors or in confined conditions, and are not given proper space to lead a natural life;
D.  whereas these practices must, therefore, be abolished as a matter of urgency, especially given the existence of alternatives;
1.  Calls on the Commission to initiate a debate on how best to integrate the elimination of tail-docking of pigs into national animal welfare strategies.

Full document available in here.