A new EU Barometer on Animal Welfare ?

The animal welfare umbrella organisation Eurogroup for Animals announced today in a press release that Commissioner Andriukaitis made the decision to launch a new EUROBAROMETER survey on animal welfare in 2015. An Eurobarometer is an official EU tool aiming to the EU to collect public opinion on one specific topic. The Eurobarometer ususally takes the form of a survey.

The last Eurobarometer on animal welfare was done in 2007. It concluded that there is a high and increasing citizen request for more animal welfare and for welfare labelling. The survey estimated that citizen were already well informed on animal welfare standards in meat production, but wanted to be even more informed. Please find the 2007 final report here

More on http://eurogroupforanimals.org/news/european-commission-eurobarometer-on-animal-welfare-welcome/