Commission asks Finland to act on bird protection

Through its hunting legislation, Finland has authorised hunting of the Eider males (a bird waterfowl specie) during their reproductive period, which is strictly forbidden under the Birds Directive. The Directive allows only the hunting of these birds only outsides of breeding or spring migration season.

Already on 22 November 2012, the EU Commission sent a letter of formal notice (first step of the infringement procedure) to Finland. Now, the Commission is sending a reasoned opinion (second step of the infringement procedure). If Finland fails to act within two months, the case may be referred to the EU Court of Justice.

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North-Rhine-Westphalia (Germany): stop of tail docking on pigs for 2016

Yesterday, the Ministry of Agriculture of the German Land North-Rhine-Westphalia signed an agreement with two farmers' associations to stop routine tail docking on pig up from 2016.

Up to now, only Sweden, Finland and Lithuania have already banned this painful practice. 

More information in the press relase of PROVIEH : 140225_Campaign success for PROVIEH


Sow Stalls: the infringement procedures against France, Belgium, Greece and Cyprus continued /2 new procedures opened against Slovenia and Finland

Today, EU Commission has decided to pursue the infringement procedures opened last year regarding sow stalls against Belgium, Cyprus, Greece and France by sending a reasonned opinion to them.
Moreover, the EU Commission has decided to start new infringement procedures against Slovenia and Finland by sending a letter of formal notice to them.

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