France: More possibilities to learn Animal Welfare law


Since the official recognition of animals as sentient beings in the revision of the French Civil Law last January, Animals welfare seems to have reach a new level in France. Indeed, for the very first time, two French universities will offer to their students the possibility to graduate in animal welfare law. 

First, the European Center for Teaching and Ethical research of the University of Strasbourg is creating up from september 2015 a speciality cursus of the Master on Ethics and Society called "Animal: science, law and ethics". This Master will be mainly focus on animals in experiments and aims to gather scientists practicing vivisection, and animal defenders. More information on registration is available here:

Secondly, the University of Limoges, already well-known for publishing a biannual law journal on animal law (RSDA), is launching, in partnership with the French institute of Equine Law, a Universitary Diploma (DU) on Equine Law. This diploma is opened to any student having reached the level of 1 year after Bachelor and is taking place through 9 sessions of 2 days spread over 2 years. The diploma will cost 6000€ for both of the years. More information on registration is available here:


Please check here where you can study animal law in Europe: