Turkey: revision of the Animal Protection Law

In Turkey, the Animal Welfare Law is in process to be revised. Several animal welfare friendly good amendments were introduced but they have not all passed.

In particular, an amendment was planning a prohibition of the use of animals for entertainment (such as Circus or Delphinarium). Unfortunately this amendment failed because the opposition was too strong. 

But an amendment on companion animals passed: If the amendment is voted, it will be illegal to confiscate pets due to the debts of the owners. Moreover, it will be therefore prohibited to kill ownerless dogs (abandonned or not owned).

More information on http://www.hurriyetdailynews.com/ban-on-dolphin-parks-and-circuses-removed-from-animal-protection-bill.aspx?pageID=238&nID=67725&NewsCatID=339


Scandal in a Danish Zoo: the non justified killing of a young Giraffe raised the issue on the right to kill healthy animals

A high emotion has been raised this weekend in a Zoo in Denmark, after the slaughter of "Marius", a 18-month young giraffe. Despite a petition asking to save the giraffe, the Zoo decided to slaughter it. Then, the giraffe get an authopsy in front of visitors, and the remains of the animals have been given to the Lions. 

The giraffe has been killed because Zoos want to prevent "in breeding" and want to increase genetical diversity. Consequently, the animals borned in the Zoo are regularly killed if no other zoo can adopt them. This is the fate of lots of unwanted animals in Zoos. The EU Zoo Directive is not prohibiting the killing of unwanted healthy animals and also insists on the importance to increase genetic diversity. Moreover, the protection of endangered species laid down by the CITES is not applying to animals borned in captivity.

The scandal here is bigger because there has been a high mobilisation in all the country to try to save the giraffe, including an offer of 500,000€. DEspite this, the Zoo decided to kill the animal.

This scandal is raising once more the issue about the "right to live" and "right to kill". Killing healthy animals cannot be called euthanasia, as it does not aim to end the suffering of an uncureable animal.

More information on http://www.theguardian.com/world/gallery/2014/feb/09/the-death-of-marius-the-giraffe-pictures-from-copenhagen-zoo

Please also consult the position paper of VIER PFOTEN / FOUR PAWS on the definition of euthanasia here: VP Position o Euthanasia and killing.


Virginia (USA): a law allows for citizens to kill any dog caught in the act of killing poultry

A law in Virginia allows for citizens to kill any dog caught in the act of killing or injuring poultry. After the fact, Virginia courts have the power to order animal control officers to kill any dog found to be a “confirmed poultry killer.”

More information on http://www.opposingviews.com/i/society/animal-rights/virginia-law-lets-citizens-kill-dogs-caught-killing-poultry#