France: Outrage after a chocking video in a slaughterhouse, 11 NGOs requests a governmental enquiry

Last week, the French animal welfare organisation L214 has shocked the whole country after the publication of a video footage from an "EU organic certified" slaughterhouse where you can see unbearable cruelty. This happens only few months after the released by the same NGO of another video footage screened in another slaughterhouse showing cruelty and animal abuses.

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Ranking of animal laws in the USA

The Animal legal defense fund, an organisation of animal welfare lawyers in the United States aiming to protect the lives and advance the interests of animals through the legal system, made a ranking of the US animal welfare laws.

Here is the result: 


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France: The 1,000 cows farm been given notice to reduce the number of cows kept

Unexpected bund in the fight of French NGOs against this farm

On 10 June 2015, the “1,000 cows farm” (having in reality 794 cows) has been given notice by the Prefecture of Somme (the French department where the farm is located) to reduce the number of cows kept in the farm.

Everything started from a mail sent by an employee of the farm to a French NGO showing horrible pictures of exhausted amorphous cows looking almost dead. The employee explained that most of the cows are so much exhausted that they regularly have to be lift up by a pulley system to be able to stand on their legs. Most of the cows have injured legs due to the concrete floor. Moreover, the food given to the cows is rotten and the water provider are dirty. According to the employee, about 2 cows die each week in the farm. The welfare of the employees is also not respected: most of them are not qualified, and labour laws are not respected.

The interview and the pictures of the employee have been published by the NGO, and one day later, the farm received from the prefecture asked to the Inspection services to control the farm. The control services remarked some abnormalities, but estimated that overall, the animals are in good condition. But they noticed that the farm had authorization only for 500 animals although 794 animals were kept in reality. This is a clear infringement of the license conditions, and therefore a letter of formal notice was sent to the farm to reduce the number of cows to 500.

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The car manufacturer "Subaru" is looking to improve companion animals safety

The "Subaru" company is currently testing new security systems to protect better companion animals in car crash.  This research is done in collaboration with the Center for Pet Safety, a NGO specialised in creating better equipment to protect the lives of animals during accidents

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